10 Beginner Golf Tips – Ever Best

For the novice getting started, the game entails entering a world with a rich and varied history, a potentially major investment of time and money, a steep physical and mental learning curve, and loads of fun!

Part of the excitement is the newness and the joy of finding a sport that you can play alone, with friends and spouses, or even with the whole family. But golf is a difficult game to play well and can be frustrating and expensive if you don’t invest a little time finding out what you need to know and the best golf absolute tips for the beginners.

Start small and don’t take everything too seriously too soon. Many pros will advise against spending many weeks on a driving range when first beginning, because they want you to avoid developing bad habits which are hard to break. But, some time on a range can be a cheap way to get your muscles moving, find out if you have an aptitude or interest, and give you an idea of the types of clubs and balls to use.

Beginner Golf Tips

Find an inexpensive range and wear comfortable, loose clothing that doesn’t bind your arms and shoulders. Start with a simple three club set borrowed from a friend or rented from the clubhouse. A Nine iron, a wedge, and a Number 5 wood is plenty. Actually you’ll use the wedge less on a driving range, but you can add a putter and move to the putting practice area later. Some have miniature sand traps to practice escaping.

Relax, observe those who hit well and imitate their grip, stance, and posture. Tee up, keep your eye on the ball as you swing, and give it a firm whack. If you miss a few, don’t be surprised. Enjoy. You’re teaching your body what the swing feels like, what angle and impact produces what kind of flight.

On the putting green, start very close to the hole no more than a couple of feet. When you can make 25 putts in a row more or less consistently, move back to six feet, 10 feet, 20 feet no farther. ‘More or less’ consistently even the pros sometimes miss a two-footer!

Whether driving or putting, stand so that a casual push wouldn’t knock you over. Beginner Golf Tips is about balance, concentration, and some simple physics. If you make just a little progress with each practice session you will be on your way to becoming a good golfer.  It doesn’t happen overnight but regular practice works wonders.